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A passion for technology and the desire to create a smart, reliable, and future-proof CCTV configuration, combined with IT knowledge.


That’s DZT – Marine. 

Custom build configuration

made for you.

Go from passive to active security

and get notifications before it happens.

Analytics and AI integration

so you can use the system to its full potential.

Configurations based on best practices

in close contact with the manufacturers.

Personal (remote) support

with fast personal response.

Send anywhere in the world

and ready to be installed.

“I am happy to recommend Dennie Zaad for IT and CCTV projects. He has been working on one of our projects and did a great job.”
Ian Wastell - Wastell Marine
"His quick responses and personal communication is easy to work with. He has knowledge on IT and CCTV systems and I would highly recommend him."
ETO M/Y Seasense

Your design and configuration.

Get your custom made CCTV design based on your needs and requirements.

Designing a CCTV system looks easy from the outside, but there are many benefits by taking some time looking at your CCTV system design. 

When designing a CCTV system there are some points to look at:

  • Camera positions

  • Camera mounts

  • Camera Lenses

  • Camera type (PTZ, Non-PTZ)

  • Camera model (External / Internal / Rugged) 

  • Choice of VMS (this will define the general performance and capabilities of the system)

  • Choice of applications running on the camera 

  • Integration options with current (security) systems

By going over these points, a more integrated and better performing CCTV system can be created. Where future costs will be reduced due to integration possibilities.

Through questions and (remote) meetings DZT Marine will define the requirements for the CCTV project. We will create functional and technical documents to determine the hardware and software needed to accomplish the needs and requirements. 

DZT Marine will draw the correct cameras needed on the desired locations into the technical drawings delivered by you. When all documents are in place a meeting will be planned to discuss the current design. 

Look into the future

Not ready to integrate new features with existing systems in your network yet, but might as well want this in the future? We will take this in consideration when designing your new CCTV system.


Get the performance you need

Never ever want to be frustrated by slow moving objects in your cctv footage or a device which is not recording? We work with only the best server hardware and provide the specifications needed to your requirements, so everything will keep running smoothly.


Reduce cost by over-selling

Night vision cameras not needed because there is enough light in the area? Do you want to add security to a location where an expensive camera is not needed? Or do you only have 10 cameras installed but are you still being quoted a very expensive server?


These are a few of the situation you can be ahead of by letting us design your system, so that we get to the desired CCTV party with a full CCTV White-book.

Your AI Integration

AI integration helps  CCTV systems to learn certain movements, behaviour and objects. Which can certainly be important on yachts. Different available AI Integrations are:

  • Object detection
  • Behaviour detection
  • Fire detection
  • Man-over-board detection
  • Control systems
  • Fall / Emergency detection

With object detection, we can detect objects and teach the AI to recognize the object as trained. With the knowledge of having the object in the camera feed, we can configure certain actions.


An example: With object detection, you can detect if people are wearing masks. The AI detects the mask as an object and raises an alarm when there is a mask.

Getting notification before certain events occur. With the behaviour detection you can learn the system to look for certain behaviour and send an alarm when this kind of behaviour occurs. 


A good example would be, a robbery with someone picking up a gun. It’s not a normall procedure and together with object detection the system can detect whenever this kind of event occurs. 

With fire detection the camera will be able to detect fire in indoor and outdoor environment. Useful for engine-rooms. Parks and forests. It is used to ensure the safety of the environment. With early detection, serious trouble can be avoid. 

With AI integration we can learn the system what the deck is on a Superyacht. As soon as someone is falling into the water the system is able to send an notification and alarm.


The system is also able to be switched on or off and useable during the night by using the right cameras. 

We can use AI for control system where visual control is needed. We can detect objects and connect certain keychains and test algorithms. For example, when a machine is powered on, the camera can check certain components of the machine to check if all is in the usual state.


When one component is not in the usual state, an alarm goes off. 

With human movement detection, the camera has the ability to understand a person’s movements.


The system detects a persons body movement and knows what is normal.


If for some reason this person collapses, the camera will be able to detect this as “falling” and can send an alarm.

This feature would be an useful and powerful add-on in every location. A house, a Superyacht and public areas.

CCTV in a box

Custom pre-configured systems to your needs and requirements. Ready to be shipped anywhere in the world. Ready to be installed by you or your local installation company.

What is CCTV in a box?

CCTV in a box is a CCTV system, fully configured. With A-Class hardware, for a good price.


We do the configuration, and the installation can be done by yourself or your local installation company.


It’s that simple. With remote support we can configure the CCTV system to your requirements.


And when there is a wish to have someone onboard, no problem at all.

CCTV in a Box is useful for:

The Installation company who needs a full package with A-Class hardware which is ready to be installed and use. With absolute personal and fast-communication support.

The system integrator, big as they can be. Sometimes it’s good to focus on other parts of the project and let Your CCTV Guy handle the configuration of the CCTV system.

The business owner, who wants to install the system with the people they have. Your CCTV Guy does the configuration, your people can do the rest. And ofcourse, Your CCTV Guy would be able to check on location when needed.

After you contact DZT – Marine, we arrange a (remote) meeting to go over all the requirements. DZT – Marine will create a personal, tailored made quotation for the hardware and/or configuration. We keep in close contact, and when the quotation is accepted, the project will start.


During the project 

The configuration will be made at the DZT -Marine office. It’s also possible to configure a switch for you that will connect all the cameras up to the network. We will stay in close contact, and clear communication will be essential. When the configuration is done, DZT – Marine ships the setup anywhere in the world.


During installation 

During installation, DZT – Marine can be on-site when needed and discussed. When this is not needed, the only thing you have to do is get the cameras installed and connected to the network, as well as the VMS. Your CCTV Guy will do the rest and customize the system to the client’s needs.


That’s your CCTV in a Box

Configurations based on best practices.

Reduce travel costs by using the knowledge of your own (local) installation guy or company.

Tuned hardware combinations.

Only the best hardware combinations thoroughly tested.

Shipped anywhere.

Wherever needed.

Ready to be installed.

Only install the cameras on the decided locations and connect the cameras and the server to the network.

Full (remote) support.

Until it’s perfect.

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