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DZ Technologies has partnerships with various AI analytics partners who are able to learn and train certain situations onboard of a yacht, in hotels, gyms or other locations. With this information we could determine atypical events and notify the person who is on watch.

With our technology partner, we train your AI and teach your AI what a right or wrong situation is.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, we can learn the routine movement of the system, showing only abnormal or unusual behavior, allowing operators to focus on events that matter and respond in real time to unusual incidents.

With object detection, we can detect objects and teach the AI to recognize the object as trained. With the knowledge of having the object in the camera feed, we can configure certain actions.


An example: With object detection, you can detect if people are wearing masks. The AI detects the mask as an object and raises an alarm when there is a mask.

Receive a notification before certain events occur. With behavior detection, you can teach the system to look for certain behaviors and send an alert when these behaviors occur.


An example: someone grabs a gun during a robbery. It is not a normal procedure and together with object detection, the system can detect when this type of event occurs.

With license plate recognition, car license plates can be detected, recognized and counted. Based on this information an action can be performed. Not only cars, but also trains and boats can be detected and recognized using license plate recognition.

Face recognition is a distinct form of artificial intelligence. This method uses an algorithm to filter out a face from a video image or photograph. In just a few milliseconds, the system captures unique points in a person’s face. These points are converted to unique codes, ultimately recognizing the face.

Machine learning is a particular type of artificial intelligence that involves building systems that can learn from or use processed data to ultimately perform better.

With human motion detection, the camera has the ability to understand a person’s movements. The system detects a person’s body movement and knows what is normal. If this person collapses for any reason, the camera can detect this as “falling” and sends an alarm.


This feature would be a useful and powerful application in any location. A home, a super yacht and public areas.

With a large pool of technicians and professionals available, a solution to your problem or requirements is always available.

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DZ Technologies attaches great importance to its partnerships. Thanks to these partners, our team can use different technologies, we can offer the service you expect, and we are never alone!

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