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SGSE Galaxy Integration

SGSE Galaxy Integration

The detection of an intrusion acquires a greater dimension when it is accompanied by images. Therefore, a protection system that incorporates a CCTV system and an intrusion detection system is presented as a more complete solution than a CCTV system without intrusion, or an intrusion system without images.

If we can integrate the alarms generated by the intrusion detection system into a VMS with which we manage our CCTV installation, the system acquires sufficient characteristics to form a good protection system.

Thanks to the plugin developed by SGSE’s R&D department, it is possible to receive alarms from Mileswell’s Galaxy Dimension intrusion centrals in Milestone. In this way, we can monitor the status of the intrusion installation from the Milestone XProtect SmartClient interface.

For this, once the plugin is installed, it will be necessary to configure the Galaxy central, indicating the model that you want to integrate into Milestone, as well as the network addressing data. Based on this information, lists will be uploaded with the possible groups, zones and exits that the plant can manage. We will have to select those elements that our panel actually contains.